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“视觉印象” 不同寻常的意大利之美













“VISIONI” Unusual beauty of Italy

“VISIONI”: works that form a story made of passionate glances and inquiring visions, which is then the underlying tone of the creative style of the entire show.

A compendium that distinguishes the current "character" of Italian author photography, passionate and sensitive with the originality of its culture, through the curious and original look of the photographer of this century.

“VISIONI” is also an intimate journey, in the personal, that many authors today face to show their artistic maturity, ranging from the experiences and vicissitudes of life, in the contemporary environment and privacy, exposing the strong contradictions and the magnificent possibilities that the artistic intuition offers as a tool both of narration and of intuitive strength and of reflection, on the world and on oneself, which comes to define globality as well as sociality.

The intent of this collective is to affirm a new form of language, less traditional, less descriptive, to recover the deep roots of our artistic history, of being the Italians of the new photographic Renaissance. So to trigger new visions that serve to capture and preserve our "great beauty" and make it understood through culture and style, all Italian.

Talents are also distinguished by the awareness of their own value, of their inner harmony, capturing in their daily life solutions of the talent and showing all the beauty possible; it is said that "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder".

It is a project, in which the human presence is predominant, we say that it is the protagonist, very often surrounded by places and symbols, both social and cultural and obviously also imaginary.

Obviously there is also research photography as well as the documentary, but always "unusual" such as reportage that look like war scenarios and instead are scenes of celebration and peace.

So a hope of life, where the viewer captures this humanity in its best aspects, a visual circle where the two points of view, that of the observer and that of the exhibitor, can be mixed to give rise to the miracle of synthesis.

Some authors are inserted in the tradition of contemporary staged photography drawing also from the imaginary of literary, pictorial or cinematographic works.

Other authors entrust their expressiveness to traces, to signs carved deep in their history, others focus their projects on the use of architectural forms as a social representation of various architectural dynamics or as a personal redemption. Still others use photography to show how landscapes of abandonment exist, showing a vanishing Italy, like a sort of dissolving atlas.

Obviously there are authors who have captured dreamlike landscapes with amazing mastery, or the creative beauty of nature. Strength, courage and rediscovery, through the use of their body, are the artistic expressions preferred by many authors with a particular critical conscience; an icon of expressive language that has always reserved a privileged role for photography.

Claudio Brufola