China Photographers Association, established in December 1956, is the first national photographic organization in the history of People's Republic of China, a professional association composed of photographers of various ethnic groups nationwide, a group member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC), and a major force of promoting Chinese photography, as well as establishing the Advanced Cultural Construction of Socialism.

Chairman Mao Zedong has twice inscribed for the organization, and China Photographers Association is called CPA for short. Its website is

China Photographers Association takes its task to unite photographers, photography practitioners and photography lovers from various ethnic groups, provide trainings to photographers, and promote the development and prosperity of Chinese photography cause. At present, China Photographers Association has 50 group members (photographers associations) in different provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and more than 15,000 individual members. It is the most influential and authoritative photographic organization in China.

China Photographers Association undertakes liaison, coordination and service among its members, and gives professional guidance to its group members by organizing exhibitions, photographic creations, theoretical researches, academic symposia and forums, assessment, personnel training and external exchanges. It reflects the viewpoints and requirements of its members, safeguards their legitimate rights and interests.

The highest governing body of China Photographers Association is the National Congress. The congress is held once every five years to elect the Board of Directors; the Board elects the president and vice president to form the presidium; the presidium appoints the secretary general and deputy secretary general to take charge of daily affairs.

China Photographers Association has those administrative departments including General Office, Domestic Liaison Department, International Liaison Department, Department of Theory Research and Department of Human Resource, and its affiliated agencies are “Chinese Photography" Magazine, "Popular Photography" Magazine, China Photographic Exhibition Center, China Photographic Information Center, Beijing Photography Correspondence Institute, China Photo Press, China Photographic Publishing House, Photo Service of CPA, and China Photographic Development Center, with a staff of over 260 in total. The funding of CPA comes from state allocations, membership dues, donations from the public and legal incomes.

China Photographers Association has a number of brand photographic programs, such as Golden Statue Award for China Photography, National Photographic Art Exhibition, China International Photographic Art Exhibition, China Photographic Art Festival, and etc. By promoting all these events and its traditional and modern medias, China Photographers Association pushes forward the academic research and technique communication, the construction of photographic group and the contemporary photography of China.

China Photographers Association carries out extensive external exchanges and tries best to contribute to the peace and cultural development of the world as well as the progress of the mankind.