"Chinese Photography" Magazine
The magazine "Chinese Photography", launched in 1957, is supported by China Photographers Association. It is the only core periodical in Chinese photography and the 1st photographic art magazine in China. The magazine focuses on recommending photographic works, reporting photographic development and introducing photographic equipment and techniques. Chinese Photography is regarded as an authoritative, academic and collectable magazine, providing
professional information and consultancy for professional photographers and intermediate and advanced photographic enthusiast.
After over 50-year accumulation, it becomes the leader and indicator in the Chinese hotography and media field due to its rich professional resources, profound influence and high authority.

"Popular Photography" Magazine
Launched in 1958, supported by China Photographers Association, the magazine "Popular Photography" bases on the domestic market and opens its eyes to abroad. Its circulation ranks the first among the periodicals on photography in China.
"Popular Photography" witnesses the popularization of the Chinese photography, and is the first magazine for learning photography. It introduces image culture and leads image consumption in a vivid and lively way, thus has been honored as a good teacher and friend of the photography enthusiasts. In 2005, "Popular Photography" launched its subsidiary magazine titled "Popular DV", and establishing the popular photographic network, which form the development pattern with the three key media. The magazine also brings out the activities of creation, training, publication and etc., and provides more academic channels and stage for photographers.

  China Photo Press
China Photo Press, supported by China Photographers Association, was firstly published in 1987. The newspaper is issued twice a week, with 8 pages, and has been published both at home and aboard. China Photo Press, a professional
newspaper with the most amount of color pages and published at the fastest speed, is one of the most popular photographic professional newspapers enjoying worldwide circulation.
China Photo Press, combined with informative, practical, helpful and understandable information, aggregates photographic art, documentary photography, and commercial photography together, thus becomes a platform for the photographers and photography enthusiasts to learn trends of international photographic art, gain the authoritative information, improve the photographic technologies, and enrich their life interests.

China Photographic Information Center & Website of China Photographers Association
China Photographic Information Center was founded in 2001. It is responsible for information-based construction of China Photographers Association, operating the websites of China Photographers Association and China Photography Museum.
The website of China Photographers Association (www.cpanet.org.cn), established in December 2000, is the network media supported by China Photographers Association. The website includes the latest development information in this
field and authoritatively announces the information of the association, exhibits the outstanding works, gathers the talents and expands its popular platform. It commits itself to serving the whole photography field including the members of China Photographers Association, introducing the outstanding photographers, unifying the photographic industry and commerce, and further creating the best information-based service platform in the Chinese photography field.

  China Photographic Publishing House
China Photographic Publishing House, established in 1980, was the earliest national professional photographic publishing house in China. The publication covers classic photographic works, photographic theories, professional photographic techniques and skills, photographic practical guidance, social and scientific culture, fashion life, and
etc. The variety of publication reaches up to nearly 200 every year, over 100 varieties of the latest books. "New York Institute of Photography'' has been the blockbuster of the press, well sold for nearly 30 years, ranking first in the national photographic books of retail market. A large number of authoritative, quality and practical books are favored by the readers, and the press becomes one of the most influential image publishing houses.